What are Unbundled Legal Services?

An unbundled legal service refers to a scenario where a client retains a lawyer to help them with specific tasks or for limited purposes within the case instead of helping them with the entire family law matter.

How Can I Help?

    Why choose family law attorney Carolann Mazza?

    If you want unbundled legal services in South Florida, then your best option would be Carolann Mazza's law office. Carolann Mazza offers unbundled services to clients who want help with their family issues during this critical time at an accommodating price.

    Carolann Mazza, P.A.

    I know that divorce and other family legal problems create conflicts that are stressful and take an emotional toll on you and your family. I also know that its hard to know how to handle conflict and the associated emotions that come with it.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Ms. Mazza is an excellent Attorney. I heartily recommend her!

    Mark Solomon

    Carolann is the consummate professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful in her representation of clients. I enjoy working with her on Collaborative divorce cases and find her reliability and approach to be refreshing.

    Rebecca H. Fischer

    Carolann is a professional, no-nonsense, yet compassionate and caring, collaborative family law attorney. She works well with others and is a strong advocate for her clients and for the collaborative process.

    Luana Mobley Corral

    Grand Magnitude of knowledge to protect our families children and uphold the law!!

    Marcus Austin

    The most knowledgeable attorney I’ve met. I am very satisfied

    Gregory Lok

    What can you expect from the evaluation?

    • A review of your entire legal situation before a consultation
    • In-depth consultations via mobile or face-to-face
    • A case plan that includes actionable steps, all available resources, and a workable strategy for proceeding