Trusted Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Hollywood, FL

Date Posted: October 17, 2021 11:24 am

Trusted Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Hollywood, FL
A family is split up after a divorce

It can be a difficult and emotional time, going through a divorce. The legal process may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. A Collaborative divorce attorney will work with you to find peace in the legal battles that surround you.

Here are the benefits of hiring a Collaborative Divorce attorney:

- Collaborative Divorce can be less expensive than traditional divorce. - A Collaborative attorney will help you create the best solution that meets your goals and needs, not their own. - You have control over decisions made in your case since you are involved at every step of the process. - The process may bring out better results because you and your spouse are free to negotiate without fear or threats from each other. - The ultimate goal is a mutually agreeable settlement or decision, which means there is more room for creativity with solutions.

Let's examine other benefits:

1) You save time

There are many reasons to hire a Collaborative Divorce attorney. The first is that you save time. A lot of people spend years in court battling over every little detail, and the result is often an unsatisfying compromise or settlement. In contrast, mediated negotiations can take weeks or months rather than years because they focus on what's important to the couple and family as a whole rather than just one side winning at the expense of the other.

2) You save money

A Collaborative Divorce costs less than fighting it out in court. Because you and your spouse, along with your Collaborative attorneys, are working towards a solution, there are no motions filed, no hearings or depositions to pay for.  You and your spouse decide what necessary information is to be shared and what issues to address.  Instead of each of you having to pay for experts, you can work with a neutral financial professional to create financial solutions that work for you and your family. The assistance of a communication facilitator helps keep the conversations civil and productive, resulting in efficient meetings and mutually beneficial solutions.

3) Your children benefit from an amicable separation

Divorce can be a challenging and painful time for any family. But there are ways to make the process easier and more amiable. One way is by using a Collaborative Divorce attorney who works with you to reach an agreement outside of court.

A Collaborative Divorce attorney will work with you to develop a solution that meets the needs of both you and your spouse while also keeping your children's best interests in mind. This type of lawyer doesn't use aggressive tactics like traditional lawyers but instead tries to find peace through negotiation and mediation.

4) No one is left feeling "beaten down" by their spouse

The Collaborative Divorce process focuses on each person’s interests, needs, and goals.  The divorcing couple works together with trained Collaborative Professionals to create their own divorce agreement. The result of this process is typically a settlement that more closely meets the needs and interests of both spouses as opposed to a cookie-cutter result.

This process is often used in cases where there is a high level of conflict and for those who want to avoid having a stranger judge in a courtroom make their decisions.  This process is almost always less expensive than the traditional, adversarial litigated divorce process involving the courts.

Finding the right Collaborative Divorce attorney can make a world of difference when going through this difficult process. It's important to do your research and find qualified, experienced attorneys whose practice focuses on helping to resolve divorce matters that are not amicable. Hiring an expert like Carolann Mazza can help you get through this challenging time in a less stressful and with more peace of mind knowing we have your best interest in mind every step of the way. Set up a consultation to find out the next steps for your case! We look forward to hearing from you.

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