There Is A Better Way!

By: Carol Ann Mazza Date Posted: April 27, 201510:45 pm

Divorce affects every family and member of our society in some way or another. It particularly affects children. The statistics vary from 40 to 50% of first marriages ending in divorce; the stats for subsequent marriages are higher. The traditional litigated divorce inflames already highly emotional couples. Unresolved conflicts, fueled by miscommunication and unacknowledged powerful emotions, are the driving force behind high-conflict divorces and the high costs (both emotional and financial) that result.

Enter: Collaborative Divorce/Collaborative Law. We are a group of specially trained lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals that practice and promote collaborative practice for families facing divorce and other matters. The cornerstone of the approach is an agreement that the couple and the professionals sign that commits the couple to: 1) participate in good faith to reach an agreement that addresses both people’s interests and concerns; 2) agree to make full disclosure of all facts pertinent to their case; 3) communicate respectfully and constructively with each other to settle their case; and 4) agree not to use the court to resolve disputes during the collaborative law process.

This process protects children and offers couples and families a way to restructure that is healthy and respectful, giving the family the control of the process and the decisions.
This process is uniquely beneficial for same-sex couples/families, as the traditional court system in Florida currently doesn’t recognize same-sex families.