Blended Extended Families–The Way of the Future?

Yes!  I, for one, hope that more Blended Extended Families like the one featured in this article become the norm and not the exception.  No matter how we slice it, divorce restructures families.  What the new family looks like is anyone's guess.  It can be fractured or it can be...


The Benefit of a Financial Neutral

There is a misconception that having a financial neutral in a Collaborative Divorce only makes sense for high net worth couples.  What about everyone else?  Does it make sense for them, too?  When there is a limited amount of money/income to go around, it makes a lot of sense to...


Couples Are Finding a More Peaceful Way to Divorce


For Kids, Divorce Is The Worst

Written in a way that kids can relate to, Divorce Is The Worst is a helpful book for kids whose parents are going through divorce.  Written and illustrated by Anastasia Higginbotham, Divorce Is The Worst does not try to make kids feel better about everything; rather, it helps kids identify...


Can We Divorce and Still Be Friends?


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