Learning About True Love From Your Divorce

Being married and having a family can teach people a lot about themselves such as who they are and what they want to become as move forward in life. Sometimes life doesn't unfold as planned and staying with one partner for the rest of your lifetime may not be what...


Mother Opens Up About Toughest Part Of Divorce

When two people end a marriage, often there are more than two people affected by the situation. In a recent post to the Huffington Post Parents Blog, a mother talks about her divorce and the hardest part about it. When children are involved it can make separation a much more difficult...


Can You Talk Money with Your Spouse?

The topic of money is often an emotionally laden topic--one that we avoid.  We all have our own money history and money story.  Many of our beliefs come from our parents; others from friends or society.  Some of us think as money as freedom; if we can spend what we...


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