What is Unbundled Legal Services?

By: Carol Ann Mazza Date Posted: March 27, 20213:39 am

Unbundled Legal Services

An unbundled legal service refers to a scenario where a client retains a lawyer to help them with specific tasks or for limited purposes within the case instead of helping them with the entire family law matter. For example, the client will retain the attorney  for help with the client's family law tasks such as attending a hearing, drafting an agreement, attending the mediation, or negotiating the client's settlement.

In turn, the client will accept full responsibility for handling the remaining legal matters as a pro se litigant. This type of service offers the client a less costly alternative compared to the more common and more expensive full legal representation scenario. The services include but are not limited to legal research, drafting correspondence and pleadings, consultation for court appearances, consultation before, during, and after mediation, and attending mediation.

You could mix and match said services and get what works for you. For instance, you could ask your lawyer to guide you and advise you about your case on an as-needed basis. Doing this could provide you with the necessary insights needed to handle your court cases without bankrupting you.

Why choose family law attorney Carolann Mazza?

family law attorney

If you want unbundled legal services in South Florida, then your best option would be Carolann Mazza's law office. Carolann Mazza offers unbundled services to clients who want help with their family issues during this critical time at an accommodating price.

Navigating through the court system can be challenging, especially if you don't have someone with the knowledge and experience to guide you along. Unfortunately, while the experience is considerably challenging during regular times, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has seenincreased challenges.

For this and many other reasons, courts suggest that clients without family law attorneys  consider getting limited representation for their family legal cases. If you need such services and want a lawyer who's experienced and dedicated, contact Carolann Mazza for unbundled representation.

Carolann Mazza offers affordable solutions to clients who like to make their own decisions in divorce or other legal matters. Many people cannot afford full legal services, or they don't want to pay huge retainers up front for unnecessary legal work.

While some firms promise to offer services agreed upon in legal service plans, they end up outsourcing the work to less experienced attorneys or attorneys who do not practice family law. Carolann Mazza has many years of experience to ensure that your case yields positive results.

What is strategic consulting?

One of the significant factors that is often forgotten when it comes to family cases is creating and following a strategy. This doesn't necessarily mean looking to beat your spouse; it refers to how you could quickly move your case to a close.

This is especially necessary when the opposing attorney is dragging things out, which can be frustrating. If you are handling a case on your own and find yourself stuck in this state, then you could get in touch with Carolann Mazza for a second opinion on an as-needed basis.

She’ll provide you with information on the best step you can take in and out of court. She also coaches you on how you could represent yourself in court to get the best results. However, this strategy won't work for everyone. For example, if you have a complex case, you may need full legal representation to increase your chances of winning the case.

How does it work?

To ensure that we'll provide our clients with good quality, ethical services, we'll offer extended services, case evaluation, a strategic summary, and a case plan recommendation at highly discounted prices. Doing this will allow both us and the client to determine and properly assess the client's need for legal services and how well they can handle the case themselves.

Unbundled Legal Services

What can you expect from the evaluation?

  • A review of your entire legal situation before a consultation
  • In-depth consultations via mobile or face-to-face
  • A case plan that includes actionable steps, all available resources, and a workable strategy for proceeding

Is there a free consultation?

Since I provide you with practical, applicable information, devote my time, and provide you with valuable services, it does not make sense to offer my services for free. Why is that?

While many inexperienced lawyers may offer you reduced charges, they will not provide you with actionable information and often end up asking for increased fees for their services. It would be best to get in touch with an experienced family law attorney and get the help you need.

Other services we offer

Carolann Mazza, realizes that you may be going through a particularly tough period in your life. You may need someone to talk to but have no idea who or where to begin. This may be even more challenging if children are involved.

Offering you limited scope representation may not be enough during this period, which is why I recommend resources such as support groups and mental health professionals who can help you take care of your emotional needs. Utilizing these resources may support you and help you handle your situation better.


If you want unbundled legal services in South Florida, then Carolann Mazza is the law office you need. Carolann Mazza provides you with limited scope representation for your family law cases at affordable fees.

Carolann Mazza is dedicated to ensuring that you do not endure unnecessary pain and suffering, especially during this trying period. Use the contact page to tell me about your family matter.