No Hearing Aids? Then No Marriage

Who celebrates her 52nd wedding anniversary and then, six months later, files for divorce? Me, it seems.

And I’m not alone. Divorce rates for people 50 and above have doubled over the past few decades and more than doubled for those 65 and above. There’s even a name for this phenomenon: “gray divorce.”

My husband and I were then in our 70s, living in Jackson, Wyoming, where we had made a life together. Our split was set into motion one Saturday evening when he and I were out at dinner.

The night had started well: We were in a different environment, dressed up and feeling especially pleased with our plans, so it felt like a good time for me to ask, “Are you happy these days?” “What’s important to you lately?”

New York Times

While we may think that once a couple has been married for a certain amount of time, they will never get divorced. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The above article from The New York Times takes a look into the reality that many people in their 70s can deal with.