Mother Opens Up About Toughest Part Of Divorce

By: Carol Ann Mazza Date Posted: February 26, 20164:48 pm

When two people end a marriage, often there are more than two people affected by the situation. In a recent post to the Huffington Post Parents Blog, a mother talks about her divorce and the hardest part about it. When children are involved it can make separation a much more difficult situation. Margaret Jacobsen remembers the night she told her two children that she and her husband were separating.

The night we told them we were separating, she curled herself up in a corner of the bathroom, crying softly. We asked her if she was OK, to which she responded, 'Yes, I'm just sad. I didn't want to be that family that lived in two different houses. You both were supposed to stay together. I didn't want Beck and I to be those kids who didn't have both their mom and dad at home.' I think about that night often.

There are countless numbers of mothers and fathers who share the same feelings as Margaret Jacobsen. While it is never easy getting a divorce, Margaret does recognize that parents should not stay together if it creates a hostile environment for the children.

The Collaborative Process is an alternative to litigation that allows families to set their own guidelines on how they want to deal with raising children in separate households. Every situation is different, but your children deserve to have as stable of a situation as possible and the collaborative process allows parents to create a positive environment for their children during a tough time in all parties lives.
Consider the collaborative process as an alternative to litigation when going through a divorce. Contact Carolann Mazza, P.A. with any questions you may have about the collaborative process.
(H/T) Huffington Post Parents