How Your Children Learn From Divorce

By: Carol Ann Mazza Date Posted: March 29, 201612:59 pm

Many parents worry about divorce and how it will affect their children. While the process of divorce is painful for everyone in the family, it doesn't mean getting a divorce is a bad thing. One way the collaborative process is benefiting families is by allowing parents to set custody rules that are most beneficial to all. The custody of their children is NOT left up to a judge or third-party in the collaborative process. It is easy to point out how divorce can create negative feelings and emotions, but there is lots to be learned and things that can be gained from a divorce.

In an article published by the Huffington Post, teens explain some of the positive things they took out of their parents divorces. The appreciation of happiness for their parents and the ability to have an even bigger family than before is one of the best parts of a divorce for children. The amount of love for the children does not have to be divided but multiplied.

The collaborative process allows for families to divorce and still keep their family together. The contentious arguments are few and far between, and while there is no perfect process the collaborative process is a more peaceful way to get divorced than litigation. It is important to remember when co-parenting that keeping a healthy family relationship during divorce can bring a happier split household after a divorce.