Don’t Let Divorce Ruin The Good Memories

By: Carol Ann Mazza Date Posted: March 8, 20163:09 pm

Divorce is never any easy situation for any party involved and can often be a hostile process. The Collaborative Process can help spouses divorce in a peaceful way and keep their best memories alive.
In an open letter to her husband, Toni Williams talked about the positive memories she and her husband shared throughout their marriage. After a 20-year marriage, Toni wanted to remember her ex-husband for the good times and not the bad.

'While writing this letter, I came to realize that as we travel through life, we won't always be in love with experiences to learn and grow from them. We can acknowledge those experiences as a stop on life's journey because as you've said so eloquently before, sometimes you take a different route than you planned.'

In a litigated divorce it becomes easy to forget about the good times you and your partner have had. With the Collaborative Process, both parties have the ability to have their voice hear in a peaceful manner to help reach the best outcome possible for everyone involved. Ending a marriage with a peaceful divorce can make all the difference when trying to remember all the good memories you and your ex-partner had.