Collaborative Divorce Keeps the Decisions in Your Hands

By: Carol Ann Mazza Date Posted: April 27, 201510:43 pm

I read the following post on FB recently, written by a family law litigator:

“I am completely disappointed with the ruling received today from my trial last month in Palm Beach. I think it sends a disgusting message regarding time sharing with a 15 year old.”

If the attorney is disappointed, I wonder how the client feels. I wonder how the 15 year old feels, especially in light of the fact his parents couldn’t get it together enough to make decisions for him on their own. I wonder if the attorneys outlined the options this family had in addressing their family dispute to each of their clients, including staying out of court. I wonder how much the attorneys fueled the dispute the couple was having. I wonder how much disappointment, anger, and frustration could have been avoided if this couple had kept their dispute out of court. I wonder what it was the judge heard that caused him or her to rule in the way that they did. I wonder how much litigation cost this family, emotionally and financially. I wonder if this couple will be able to set aside their emotions and not put their child in the middle. I wonder how the outcome could have been different for this family had they stayed out of court. I wonder what the time-sharing schedule would have been had the parents put aside their emotions and focused on their child. I wonder how much better they would have been able to co-parent now that they are divorced had they not attempted to destroy each other in court. I wonder if they will be able to stay civilized for the sake of their child going forward. I wonder if they will be able to attend their child’s sporting events and sit on the same side of the field/court. I wonder if they will be able to dance together at their child’s wedding.

If you are wondering how your divorce can be different, call me to talk about collaborative divorce. Collaborative Divorce—keeping the decisions in your hands.