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Blended Extended Families--The Way of the Future?

Yes!  I, for one, hope that more Blended Extended Families like the one featured in this article become the norm and not the exception.  No matter how we slice it, divorce restructures families.  What the new family looks like is anyone's guess.  It can be fractured or it can be blended.  Choose blended!  Choose Collaborative Divorce!


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How are we teaching our children to handle conflict?

Conflict is ubiquitous; it can be about something as simple as a disagreement over a restaurant choice or as complex as a disagreement on whether to accept a job in another city.  As humans, we face conflicts every day and throughout our lives.  Divorce is one of many conflicts a family may face over a lifetime.  Our ability to handle conflict largely comes from how we saw our parents and other adults in our lives handle their conflicts.  Did we witness a willingness to discuss differences in our perspectives or did we witness our parents react with name calling, criticism and blame?  How are you teaching your children to handle conflict?  Read more here: http://www.familyaffaires.com/4-important-life-lessons-kids-can-learn-divorce/


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